One of the organizations with which I’m affiliated, Equality Florida, had an entry in the St. Petersburg Gay Pride Parade on Saturday.  They were looking for volunteers to march in the parade.  Since Toren had never been to a parade, I thought it might be fun to have the whole family march for equal rights.  So, we marched!

Toren figuring out how to throw beads to parade visitors
he was excited to throw some beads
Toren's souped up stroller was a hit
Equality Florida's truck in front of the few protesters who showed up
you can see some of the throngs in the background of this shot

We were out in the killer Florida sun from about 9:00 until about 12:30 and all managed to avoid serious sunburns (Debi got a little burned on one arm, but otherwise was fine).  We were pretty liberally coated with SPF70.

What we didn’t catch in any of our photos were the, um, more exotic floats.  There was a Tampa Bay Bondage float (mostly guys dressed in strips of leather) and a number of floats with drag queens.  Quite the scene!

Toren even seemed to enjoy himself, though he fell asleep in his stroller as soon as we finished the parade route.

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