The multiple days of hiking took its toll on my rib, reinjuring it and basically putting me out of action. As a result, we spent the last Saturday in Oregon just relaxing around the hotel. Toren’s first introduction to swimming was a few weeks before this at a swimming pool in our friends’ condominium complex. He initially wasn’t too fond of it, but got used to it. It took him a little time to acclimate to the pool again in Oregon, but then he didn’t want to get out. Here are a couple clips of Debi swimming with Toren in the pool. In the first one he shows off his muscles by climbing out of the pool:

In this second video he is getting dipped into the pool to keep his feet wet and cool as he wanted to walk around outside the pool on the hot cement:

I think we actually went for the walk first, so this post is a little out of order, but there was a great walking/biking path by the river right by our hotel. We took Toren for a walk along the path and he found this set of stairs. Our house is one floor, so we don’t have any stairs (just a small ledge where the addition connects to the house). So, Toren really hasn’t had much experience climbing stairs, but he caught on pretty quick. In this first one he walks down the stairs with Debi:

In this second video he climbs up the stairs:

We didn’t do much else this day, except watch the World Cup third place game on TV then go out for dinner at a good vegetarian restaurant.

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