Our neighborhood has seen a little activity of late.  Unfortunately, the father of one of our good friends/neighbors, Mike Leon, passed away last week.  Mike had lived with them for most of the past year and a half or so, so we knew him.  It was sudden, even though Mike was 85.  We attended the funeral Friday.

And then there was the DEA raid on a different neighbor’s house on Wednesday.  That neighbor, while seemingly a nice guy, was one of the people involved in the pill mill that was raided by the DEA several months back.  A month or so before the first raid, he bought the house across the street from us.  Since he bought it, it has been a hub of activity.  I haven’t seen anything illegal and haven’t reported anything, but Wednesday morning the neighbor whose dad passed away called and told me to look out my front window.  Sitting in front of our house were four DEA agents.  There were half a dozen vehicles parked up and down the street.  They waited in front of our neighbor’s house all day (I’m assume waiting on the warrant).  They finally went in around 6:30pm.  I’m not sure if they found anything or not, but by the time they went in, there were probably 20 vehicles parked around the neighbor’s house and about 30 agents swarming the property.  I later found out that our neighbor was arrested and charged with various things earlier in the day.  We haven’t seen him since, though I believe he posted bail.  Like I said, he seems like a nice enough guy. I was really hoping that he’d clean up his act after the first raid.  Maybe not.

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