While I was watching Toren one Sunday afternoon I thought it might be fun to make sugar cookies with him and use cookie cutters to turn them into holiday cookies.  I remember doing this when I was growing up and thought it was fun.

Toren seemed interested when I got the cookie cutters out.  He enjoyed playing with those. When I asked him which one he liked the best and wanted to turn into a cookie (I’m guessing he didn’t understand what I meant), he chose a dinosaur. So, I made Toren’s name, some other seasonal cookies, and a dinosaur, with Toren’s help:

Toren helping me make the cookies
TOREN in cookie

Here he is eating his cookie afterward:

"Don't bother me; I'm eating a dinosaur cookie."
"Seriously, Dad, enough with the pictures."

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  1. I love that he picked a dinosaur. Ethan always picks something random – like a football for Halloween. Making cookies with kids is the best – though. Happy Holidays!

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