Toren and I have spent quite a bit of time in Walmart over the last month while I’ve had my car serviced, then had the tires looked at (I had one going flat slowly), and finally a tire replaced.  While we’re there, I basically let Toren play with the toys – at least the toys that are accessible.  That usually includes pushing him on a bike with training wheels and playing with balls.  We found this toy one day and he had a great time pushing it up and down the aisle:

Since I’m such a toy scrooge, I figure this is a good way to make it up to him on the cheap – he gets to play with the toys for about as long as he’d want to anyway (10 to 15 minutes, at most), then we put them back.  I’m sure the amount I’m paying for my tires is equivalent to renting the toys anyway!  😉

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