It snowed.  It wasn’t mountains of snow, but enough to play in.  Since Toren hadn’t seen snow, we bundled him up and went outside to play.  We made a snow man:

Here’s Toren sculpting the snowman:

And the finished snowman:

Toren and Debi in front of the completed snow man (sans eye, which fell out while I was trying to take the picture).

Here’s the snowman with its eye intact:

The completed snowman with eye intact.

And here’s a snow fort we made:

Toren crouching in the snow fort.

Toren also made a snow angels:

Toren saw me shoveling the drive way and wanted to help. I was using a squeegee. Toren wanted a tool, so he went into the garage and found the snow shovel (literally all by himself), then came back out and tried to help:

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