I was headed out the door this past Saturday to go shopping and was taking Toren with me.  I had him in my arms.  As I opened the door and was ready to leave, I told Toren to blow Debi a kiss.  He did.  Then I asked him for a kiss.  He took the one on his hand he had just blown to Debi and slapped his hand against my lips!

Toren and I particularly enjoy shopping at Sam’s Club on Saturday afternoons for all of the samples.  Toren tries almost everything and usually ends up getting enough to qualify as a snack.

A game Toren likes to play in the supermarket is kind of funny.  He’ll grab my shirt and I’ll slowly push the cart away from me, increasing the distance between the two of us until he can’t hold on anymore.  Once he’s forced to let go, we repeat it.  It will keep him entertained for a good 15 minutes, laughing the whole time.

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