Toren’s new daycare brings in a professional photographer every so often to take candid photos of the kids.  They then print the best photos and put them on display so you can purchase them.  We didn’t think we’d be interested, but we decided to look at the photos anyway just to see.  When I stopped by to see Toren’s photo, the photographer initially couldn’t find it.  We had to search for a while.  And when the photographer finally did, she sheepishly handed it to me and said, “Is this him?”

That's our little boy.

While most of the other kids had two pictures of them smiling, the only picture there was of Toren was the one above.  The best they could manage was a grumpy frown and frumpy hair.  We initially decided not to buy it, but on a whim and decided to go ahead and buy it because, well, it’s Toren.  Sometimes he’s grumpy and, despite your best efforts, he just wants to be grumpy.  So, I bought it.

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  1. Funny one!!! Glad you got it. It could come in handy in the future. Not saying what for but food for thought. lol

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