We were a bit concerned a couple of months ago that Toren wasn’t saying many words.  He knew a few words, but he rarely used them and he didn’t seem to be picking up new words very quickly.  That appears to finally be changing.  He is now picking up new words every day.  And, on occasion, it seems like he says rather complicated phrases.

A few days ago Debi brought Toren home from daycare and I was cooking in the kitchen.  When she opened the front door, Toren burst in and we swear he said, “Hi Dad.  How are you?”  It was probably more like, “Hiee Dad.  Ha-er-oo?”, but we were both very impressed.  Of course, he may also have just been mumbling and we thought we heard something, but we both heard the same thing, so we’re going to claim that it was an actual phrase.

A couple days later our linguist struck again.  I was working in the office when Toren said, “Daaaddddyyyy!  Where are you?”  Again, it was probably more like, “Daaadddyyyyy!   Er-ar-oo?” and it could have been babbling, but we both thought he had said “Where are you?”

I’m sure no one out there is really impressed by any of this, but it sure makes us feel good that he’s undergoing some clear language development.

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