It’s fascinating to see what Toren picks up just by watching us.  We certainly try to teach him things, but observing us seems to have a bigger influence – at least at present.

We gave Toren a small box to play with the other day.  In playing with it, he wanted to open it, but was having a hard time.  He then put it down and walked away.  We were in the kitchen watching him.  He walked into the hallway and then into the office where he proceeded to my desk, opened the top drawer, and fished out a pair of scissors.  Debi caught him at that point.

Toren has watched me use scissors to cut open boxes in the past.  Obviously he figured it out: If you can’t open a box with your hands, use scissors, which are in Dad’s top drawer.

Maybe he’ll see me mowing the lawn and decide to do that the next time he sees it needs it… 😉

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