One thing we try to reinforce with Toren is that he has to pick up his toys.  When we first started trying to teach him to do this, he fought us.  He would sit down, lay down, run away, all while crying.  He really did not want to pick up his toys (or food, when he throws it).  But, after several rather serious struggles over this that involved me or Debi literally taking his hand and forcing him to pick up toys, he has now become the best “toy-picker-upper” at his daycare.

However, he also seemed to take the lesson a bit too much too heart.  When he dumped out one of his puzzles and wasn’t particularly in the mood to pick it up when Debi urged him to, he took Debi’s hand, forced it down over one of the puzzle pieces, and insisted that she pick it up!

Apparently, if Toren can be taught that way, so can his mom…

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