All of Debi’s family came to Florida for a week long vacation in late May and early June.  We started the trip in Orlando and ended in St. Petersburg.  Here’s a rundown of our activities day by day.

The family was all scheduled to arrived in the evening on the 25th of May.  Debi, Toren, and I drove to the hotel in the Disney Resorts where we were staying to meet them, arriving early intentionally so Toren could spend some time in the pool, which he loves to do.  Since we only had a little while in the pool, I stayed out and took pictures while Debi and Toren swam.  Here are a couple of favorites (I posted some others on his birthday):

Most of the rest of the family arrived around 6:30 and we went to Chevy’s for dinner where Toren and Ethan got animal balloons (Andy and Maddie hadn’t arrived yet; their plane was delayed in Chicago).  There is a photo of Toren with his fish balloon in the gallery above.  It was his bedtime and he was grumpy.  Even though he liked his fish, he needed to get some sleep.

That pretty much did it for the first day.  We hit the sack after Toren did so we’d have some energy for the next day.

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