Day 3 was at the Magic Kingdom.  We started the morning with breakfast with Chef Mickey and friends.  Toren likes looking at people in costumes and finds them entertaining, but only from afar.  When costumed individuals get close he freaks out.  So, he kind of had a rough time at breakfast (and he didn’t sleep well and wouldn’t nap).  Here’s the best we could pull off as far as pictures go:

His name is Goofy, but to Toren he’s “Creepy”
“Why am I standing next to a five and a half foot tall mouse, Dad? I don’t think this is normal.”

After breakfast we headed to the Magic Kingdom where we rode various rides.  Here’s a shot of Toren being creeped out by the dolls in “It’s a Small World” (like father like son, I guess):

Toren on the “It’s a Small (Creepy) World” ride

And some clips of Toren and Debi on the Dumbo ride:

Toren and Debi on the Dumbo ride getting ready to fly
waving from the Dumbo ride
waving at the end of the ride

Toren’s two favorite activities were playing at the Winnie the Pooh ride and driving the cars.  He liked driving the cars so much I had to keep filming him (thus the three clips below):

I also shot a quick clip of this rabbit just hanging out in the park:

As evening neared a massive storm cloud approached.  We dashed toward the Toy Story ride just as it hit and then found ourselves pushed out of the ride afterward into the torrential rain.  We made our way into another exhibit to wait it out, then decided to call it an evening as the fireworks were cancelled.  Unfortunately, the train caused some problems with the trams, making our trek home take about 2 1/2 hours.  Ugh!  Otherwise, it was a good day at Disney.

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