Day 5 took us to Sea World.  Debi and I went to Sea World in, I think, 2003, over the winter break, so we remembered some of the attractions.  But they have changed the shows substantially since then so there was plenty new to see. Also, we have a kid now, which changes the way you approach amusement parks.

We saw the killer whale show in Shamu Stadium and the dolphin show (some saw it twice while Brent and I went on an adult ride; Manta).  We also saw A’Lure, which is like low budget Cirque du Soleil show that was good.  But, mostly, the kids played in the kids play area.  With both Debi and I around, I was free to snap some photos with the good camera.  Here are some shots of Toren playing in the play area:

Toren playing a steel drum
Toren asking Sid the Science Kid’s question, “What’s up with the sky?”

A quick clip on the Merry-Go-Round:

And here are a few shots from the shows (helps having a nice camera):

big air!
synchronized whale jumping

While Toren liked the the shows, particularly the dolphin show that now incorporates birds, divers, and other students, for some reason he kept gravitating to a pearl diving attraction (divers will dive down and pick up oysters for you with pearls in them).  Not sure what he loved about this, but we must have spent about 1 1/2 hours here watching the divers:

the diver is just to Toren’s right; not sure what he’s doing with his legs here
he was spoiled with gummy snacks during this trip
Um, yeah… Not sure but it’s funny.

This was our last day in Orlando.  I think we ate pizza at the hotel this night.

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