This was the last day of the vacation.  The rest of the family had early evening flights out of Orlando.  That meant we had time in the morning to go the pool and beach for a short time then pack up, take some family photos, and hit the road.  The pool and beach were fun, but we had a lot of packing to do so we didn’t get to play very long.  Then we all got cleaned up and headed out to the beach for some family photos.  Here are the results:

photo on the beach

And one more in the gardens of the resort:

family photo in the garden

It was a fun trip.  And there was one big perk for us – we parlayed our Busch Gardens/Sea World pass into a season pass for relatively cheap, so we can now go to Busch Gardens whenever we want.  We’ve already been three more times, so it has paid for itself.  Toren seems to like it.

Anyway, that’s the short version of the trip (been too busy to write this up until now).

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