I mentioned a few posts ago that I let Toren run around in stores a bit. He’ll sit in the cart for a while, but he eventually gets antsy and wants to explore.  Since I’m right behind him the whole time, I don’t really worry about him running around and he likes it.  We stopped by Target one evening to pick up a couple of things and Toren found some toys he liked.  The first was actually a big cage full of balls, which he proceeded to climb into.  It took me about a minute to get him out.  Then there was this wheelbarrow, which he wheeled around the store for a good 20 minutes:


Finally, he found this suitcase with Lightning McQueen on it.  As he’s a pretty big fan of Cars, he loved it.  He proceeded to push this around the store for another 20 minutes:

Oh, and we did buy some stuff… Including the Lightning McQueen suitcase, just in case the folks at Target were wondering if we just used them for their toys (which we do).

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