Debi came down with pinkeye on the 3rd of July, so we opted to stay away from people as much as possible.  We opted for the beach on the 4th, which Toren always enjoys.  We went to Fort de Soto, which is always beautiful and rarely busy, but it filled up pretty quick on the 4th.  Here are some pics:

enjoying a snack
the sandcastle I built

Toren couldn’t help with the sandcastle very well as he had a hard time turning over the buckets.  But he did help me fill up the moat:

Toren carried the bucket; I carried Toren

And once we had documentary evidence, we let loose our little godzilla:

He reminds me of Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes who would build stuff like this just to destroy it.

And what is a day at the beach without the obligatory shot of mother and son falling asleep almost instantly on the way home:

“That beach wiped me out, Mom.” “Me too, Toren.”

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