Just after the previous video I posted I shot this one of Toren saying “poopy”.  He wasn’t poopy, but it shows his language development.

On that front, I’ve been working with him on words, since learning words is about all that can be expected of him at this point.  I choose nouns from a couple of categories (animals, foods, vehicles) and do searches for them on Google Image search.  I then let Toren choose which one he wants, copy it into a photo editing program, and then let him help me type the word that goes with the picture.  Now, before he gets to watch any videos on my computer he has to practice his words.  It finally paid off while visiting Busch Gardens.  We saw a komodo dragon, which is one of Toren’s words.  When he saw it he actually said, quite clearly, “komodo dragon.”  Groovy!

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