Who is the world’s cutest jedi?  Toren is:

"Give me candy or face the wrath of my light saber!"

This was just before we went trick-or-treating.

(A forced smile for the camera, but still cute!)

This was really Toren’s first year trick-or-treating and he was pretty hesitant to start.  But once we did a trial run at our own house (where Rosemary answered and gave him candy), he caught on.

"So, I knock on random doors and people give me candy? Why don't we do this every day?"

We were the first ones out on our street (at 6:00), but were quickly joined by others.  We ended up walking with a rather large group of people and met a lot of nice neighbors.  It was fun.  And everyone loved Toren’s costume, which Rosemary made.

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