At Toren’s daycare they have a costume parade.  All of the kids put on their Halloween costumes and do a parade through the hospital where the nurses line up and give them candy.  Rosemary and I went to watch the parade and help walk Toren through.  Here are some pics from the parade:

Just so everyone knows, Toren chose to be a Jedi.  Being the “bad” parents we are, we let him watch all of the Star Wars movies (Episodes 1-6).  He loves them.  If you ask him what his favorite movie is, he’ll say “Star Wars”.  And since we let him pick out his costume, he chose to be a Jedi.  He loved it.  He also knows that he only gets to use his light saber to attack mosquitoes and bubbles, though he would occasionally raise it and point it at scary people while we were trick-or-treating.

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