You have to love Craigslist!  We found a higher quality trampoline – though in disrepair – on Craigslist for $200.  I talked the owner down to $150.  It normally sells for $750.  Then, since I had to take it down (with my neighbor’s help), she gave it to us for $100.  Our total cost will probably be closer to $200 after we’re done repairing it (fixing the net, fixing the pads, and fixing the rust spots), but still, that’s a pretty good deal.  Anyway, it’s a hit with Toren.  We jump on it almost every day.  And since we live in Florida, that means we get to jump on it year round.  Here is Toren jumping on it after we first set it up:

It took about a week before Toren would jump by himself, but now he’s a pro.  We play lots of different games that we’ve made up as well.  Loads of fun!

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