To date we have not left Toren anywhere, locked him in a car, locked him in our house, left him alone by a pool, or, generally, done much to put him in harm’s way.  Well, there was the rather crazy bike ride through an alligator infested swamp.  And the hiking misadventure in Oregon when he nearly froze to death.  But other than those two incidents, I think we’ve been relatively safe.  Until just the other day…

Normally, when I have Toren in my car, which is a two-door Honda Civic, I help him into his seat then climb into the back on the passenger side and put his seatbelt straps on him.  A few days ago I let him into the car from the driver side door. He climbed over the middle storage compartment and climbed up into his carseat.  Absent-mindedly, I then buckled myself in and started the car.  Toren immediately started screaming and crying.  When I looked back to see what the problem was he was crying, “My straps!  My straps!”  I had, in fact, forgot to buckle him into his carseat.

I doubt it was him being safety conscious; he was probably just missing the ritual of me buckling him in.  Even so, it was nice to have him on safety patrol.

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