Toren typically helps Debi make pancakes in the morning when she makes pancakes.  She usually lets Toren stir the pancake batter with the whisk.  The other day she put the bowl of batter down on the floor in the kitchen and gave Toren the whisk so he could stir the batter.  He stirred for a bit, then lifted the whisk out of the batter.  Some of the batter that was on the whisk dropped onto the floor, which led Toren to utter, “Damnit!”


I came out of the bedroom just a few minutes later and Debi was still laughing.  It was the first time he had ever said that.  While Debi and I discussed it, we put Toren up on the counter to watch Debi make the pancakes.  While she was pouring the batter into the pan, she proceeded to drop the bowl with the batter into the pan.  Since her 2 year-old son had just cursed, Debi didn’t.  But Toren was willing to help her as he repeated his earlier declaration, “Damnit!”


Time to start watching what we say around Toren.

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