Debi was at the store with Toren shopping when Toren revealed a new negotiating technique he has developed.  He has recently taken to wanting to walk around in the store so he can go look at things.  And while he doesn’t say he wants everything, he regularly finds things that he does want and will say something like, “Me want this.”  We don’t let him get most of the stuff he says he wants.  So, when we say no, he has to try a different approach.

While Debi was shopping with him, Toren found some mints that look like the mints I occasionally buy.  When Toren said he wanted them, Debi said no.  So Toren said he “needed” them.  Again, Debi said no.  Then he pulled his trump card and said, “Toren’s Daddy needs them.  Me need to buy them for Toren’s Daddy.”

Smart kid!

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