We were at the house of some of our friends yesterday enjoying a relaxing afternoon of good food and good company.  They have a pool, which Toren will, of course, take advantage of.  I swam with Toren for a while, then Debi took a turn. While Debi was in the pool with Toren, another woman (mother of 5, I believe, and now a grandmother), got in the pool and chatted with Debi and Toren for a bit.  After a while, this other woman got out, and as she did, Toren leaned over to Debi and said, “She has a cute bum.” Debi burst out laughing and asked him to repeat it just to make sure she had heard it correctly, then she repeated it for everyone.

The other woman was quite flattered… And I don’t think her husband felt threatened by our 3 year-old hitting on his wife.

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