Debi took Toren to Busch Gardens in November while I was away at a conference and he sat on Santa’s lap.  At that time, he told Santa he wanted two things for Christmas: a bug catcher net and a robot.  So, planning ahead, I bought him a bug catching net and Debi bought him Iron Man (okay, not a robot, but close enough).  Of course, two days or so before Christmas he changed his mind and said he wanted a T-Rex and Buzz Lightyear.  Yeah, Santa had already made his purchases.  So, bug catcher net it was.

He liked the net enough to go right out and try to catch something with Debi and Uncle Steve:

A short time after this, the neighbor brought over a gift for him: a safari jacket and safari tools.  Toren was perfectly outfitted for catching bugs.  Hopefully we’ve got a budding biologist on our hands.

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