Toren was watching an episode of Wild Kratts this morning while Debi and I got ready for work.  In an effort to remind him that he was going to be coming to my work for my tenure and promotion celebration, Debi mentioned to him that I worked with some biologists, that they might be at the party, and that they know a lot about plants and animals.

Toren responded, “I’m a biologist.”

Debi then informed him, “Well, actually, you have to college in order to become a biologist.”

Toren had an answer for that, too, “I don’t want to go to college.”

When Debi asked him why, he said, “College is boring.”

(While funny, it’s actually quite insightful on Toren’s part.  He’s asked several mornings if he can come to work with me.  In the interest of dissuading him, I’ve told him that I’m just going to teach classes and that HE would find them boring.  So, he was putting two and two together…  I guess I can’t say college is boring anymore.)

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