Toren has talked about a sibling a lot lately.  Whenever he brings it up, we immediately emphasize the fact that he wouldn’t get as much of our attention and would have to share all of his toys and possibly even his room with a sibling.  So far, he hasn’t been dissuaded by those facts.  The only thing he really disliked was when I suggested he would have to change the baby’s diapers, which he smartly denied would be the case.

Realizing he wasn’t getting very far with us, he tried a new tactic yesterday with Debi.  He said to her, “I’m going to have my friend monster make me a baby.”  (His friend monster is an imaginary friend with ever-changing qualities.)

Debi, intrigued, asked him how his friend monster would go about doing that.

Toren replied, “First, he’s going to put in the brain and then cover it with skin.  Then he’ll make the rest of the body.”

Debi listened carefully to how Toren envisioned his friend monster would make the baby.  When Toren was done, Debi asked him what he would name it.  Toren thought for a minute, then said, “Founder.”

(We’d like to think his name comes from Deep Space Nine, but he hasn’t seen that far, so we’re not sure where he got it.)

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