In addition to our occasional hikes, I decided to start visiting some of the strange roadside attractions in the Tampa area.  Here are a few of the first places we visited.

A local RV dealer decided to use a few old Airstream trailers to create a work of art next to I-4 called Airstream Ranch:

We also happen to have the world’s largest confederate flag in the area, right next to I-75.  It was set up by a semi-white supremacist organization, Sons of Confederate Veterans.  I didn’t go to support it, just to see it:

We drove through Zephyrhills to see this Muffler Man, one of a batch of large statues created in the 1960s and 1970s that has something of a cult following:

At the same auto shop was another statue made out of a muffler:

After our hike we stopped by this weird roadside marker announcing Polk County as the Citrus Capital of the US.  It’s largely derelict now, but still there:

The last roadside oddity we visited was this weird house with strange yard art and sculptures:

There are still another couple dozen oddities in the area, so I’ll probably post more as we continue our adventures.

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