This was our second excursion.  Typically the volunteering trips only have one excursion per trip, but the staff at Plenitud insisted we take two.  For this one, we headed to Playa Sucia, which is Spanish for “dirty beach.”  But it really wasn’t that dirty (there was some trash just north of the beach, but the beach itself wasn’t too bad).  It really was a gorgeous beach, and there was some hiking around the beach as well.

The beach, which is part of a very nice cove.
The beach, which is part of a very nice cove.

I hiked up both the of the hills on either side.  Since I don’t particularly enjoy getting covered in salt from the ocean, I opted not to go swimming and instead did some reading.  While I was reading an iguana crapped on me.  I kid you not, an iguana climbed up into the tree where I was shading myself and defecated.  It landed on my head and on my shirt.  Not sure how many people can say they have been crapped on by an iguana.

Anyway, it was a beautiful beach.  Here are a couple of video clips:

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