With Debi completing her PhD and me getting tenure and landing a sabbatical, we decided June 2013 would be the ideal time to take a long vacation.  With our many interests and varied obligations, what we finally decided on was a very long road trip up the East Coast, across the Midwest to Utah, and then back to Florida, with many stops along the way.

Day 1 was June 5th.  Our plan was to drive to South Carolina and camp for the night, with one stop along the way in Jacksonville to meet with a friend of mine.  Everything went fine until we got to South Carolina and the rain began.  Not wanting to set up the tent in the rain, we ended up getting a hotel in Florence, South Carolina.  The hotel had a nice little swimming pool, of which we took advantage despite the occasional rain, to Toren’s delight.  We were off to a good start.

daily mileage: 506; total mileage: 506

states visited: Florida, Georgia, South Carolina; total state count: 3

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