It was Sunday and my sister and her family were going to church.  They actually left for church before we packed up and left, but were very kind in letting us stay there getting everything ready for the next leg of our journey.

I had another book talk lined up for mid-afternoon in Fredericksburg, VA.  We took our time getting everything packed up and doing a little laundry, then hit the road.  I was supposed to meet the organizers of the freethought group for lunch, but hit traffic and was late for the lunch, so I missed it, but arrived on time for the talk.  There was an excellent turnout and people asked a lot of questions.  It seemed to go really well.  The meeting was at the local library, which worked out great for Toren and Debi as they had stuff to do while I did the presentation, though Toren did eventually fall asleep right near the end.  It was another great presentation and a lot of fun.

Our original destination that evening was supposed to be a campsite at the top of Chesapeake Bay, but, as we discussed our plans for the next day, that didn’t make much sense.  We were going to spend the following day in NYC with Debi’s brother, Steve.  If we camped in Maryland, we’d have at least a 3 hour drive (not factoring in traffic) to get to NYC the next day.  So we decided to get a hotel in NYC that night and just drive all the way in.  We finally found one that claimed free parking in Brooklyn, just a few miles from Steve’s place, and headed there.  We arrived pretty late and all the parking was gone, so we had to find a place on the street, but it worked out okay (took about 20 minutes for me to find a parking spot).  We also ran into traffic on a Sunday night.  Driving in NYC – AAAHHHH!  Don’t do it!

daily mileage: 360; total mileage: 1,450

states visited: Delaware, New Jersey, and New York; total state count: 9 (plus 1 district)

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