Part of the reason for driving up the East Coast, in addition to visiting family, was visiting a few more state highpoints.  After 5 days on the road, we began the highpointing period.  On June 11th we visited two state highpoint: Connecticut and Massachusetts.  I created separate posts for each of those, so you can read about them there.

The only other big event was our evening stop.  Once again the rain kept us from camping.  And, in order to get an early start the next morning, we decided to spend the night in Stowe, VT.  We found a hotel on Priceline that claimed to have an indoor pool and hot tub.  Since Toren loves swimming so much, we thought it would be perfect, so we booked it.  It turned out not to be what we expected.  When we pulled in, I went in to the lobby to check in and no one was there.  I also noticed a “NO VACANCY” sign right by the door when I walked in, which made me a little nervous since we had already booked the room online.  I rang the bell and… nothing.  I rang it again… Still nothing.  It wasn’t a chain hotel, so I began to wonder if the people running it were in their rooms for the night.  So, I called.  The phone right next to the check-in desk rang and I began to think this wasn’t going to work.  No one answered the first time.  So I called again, and finally someone answered.  It was a woman and she was, well, awkward.  I told her that I had booked the hotel on Priceline about an hour earlier and she just kind of waited.  Then I told her I was in the lobby, and she said she’d come down to help me.  I waited about 5 minutes and she finally showed up.  Every time I would say something, she would look at me for a minute, smile, and then occasionally answer me.  She eventually found the reservation and she gave us the key to the room.  The room wasn’t great, and the shower (no bath tub) was a little nasty, but it worked for the night.


daily mileage: 300; total mileage: 1,850

states visited: Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Vermont; total state count: 12 (plus 1 district)

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