We literally spent the entire day driving.  We made okay time, arriving at Debi’s parents’ house around 6:30 pm.  Debi drove about 3 of the 20 hours; I drove the rest.  Only a couple things of note come to mind from this day.

First, I finally, after close to 5,000 miles driving, finished Book 5 in the A Song of Ice and Fire series by George R.R. Martin (better known now as Game of Thrones from the TV show based on it).  It had 75 chapters, each nearly an hour long.  I started and finished it on the trip – after 15 days.

Second, my Prius averaged about 43 to 44 miles per gallon all the time we were driving in the East.  As soon as we hit the mountains in the West, it dropped to 38 to 39 miles per gallon.  That’s still pretty good mileage, but the hills really made it struggle!

We got in, ate dinner, then went straight to bed.  We were exhausted.


(repeated from previous day because it’s all a blur)

daily mileage: 1,573; total mileage: 5,128

states visited: Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, Colorado, Wyoming, Utah; total state count: 22 (plus 1 district and 1 other country)

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