We spent all of this day at Lake Powell as well.  I got up early to go skiing with some of my nieces and nephews.  I got some skiing in.  It’s amazing how well muscle-memory works.  I can still slalom, though I’m sure I’ve lost some of my form from when I was younger.  And I certainly can’t ski as long as I used to.  But I can still do it.

Unfortunately, only about half way into our skiing trip, the boat we were driving started having problems and ended up dying.  We ended up paddling it to shore and I hiked over the cliffs to the houseboat, then went with my dad and brother to tow the other boat back.  Turns out, it wasn’t an easy fix; that boat was dead.  So, we were reduced to just one ski boat, which was also having problems.

I also ended up getting a migraine, which I’ve just recently started to get, so I ended up trying to sleep for the rest of the morning hoping it would go away.  It did, luckily, and then we spent the rest of the day swimming and playing.  I also set up a navigation course for my nieces and nephews that they did just before it got dark.  The evening ended with family skits, which were, as always, quite good.

Alas, the brutal heat made it difficult to sleep as it just wouldn’t cool down.  Usually, because it’s a desert, the heat eases off substantially at night, but not this time.  So, we didn’t sleep well, but we still had a great time at Lake Powell.

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