We didn’t have too far to go this day.  We picked up some supplies in Flagstaff, then headed east toward Albuquerque.  We stopped on the way at the Barringer Crater, which I visited in 2007. The Crater was formed by a meteorite and is pretty impressive.  Toren seemed interested in the museum that is there, but less interested in another big hole in the ground, like we had visited the day before. 🙁  I’m beginning to think he’s more interested in science fiction than actual science…

Toren and I at the Barringer Crater.
Toren and I at the Barringer Crater.

After the crater, we pressed on to Albuquerque, where we landed a great deal on a hotel ($60 for a Hyatt downtown).  We also had some free movie passes that were going to expire.  So, we had a nice dinner at The Artichoke Cafe, then went to see Monster University (which Debi and I didn’t think was as good as the original, but Toren enjoyed).


daily mileage: 330; total mileage: 6,582

states visited: New Mexico; total state count: 24 (plus 1 district and 1 other country)

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