It was science day on our trip.  Our first stop was the Page Museum and La Brea Tar Pits.  When we arrived, parking was limited because they were filming a TV show there – Trophy Wife?!?  I’d never heard of it, and I wasn’t really all that interested, but we watched them film a couple scenes at various times.

We checked out the museum then went out to see all the tar pits.  Here we are in front of the big pit:

By the big tar pit at Page Museum

As we walked around the pits, we came across these statues of giant sloths:

Toren riding a giant ground sloth

After visiting all the tar pits, we saw this interactive art exhibit at the LA County Museum of Art that is right next to the Page Museum and Toren immediately ran into it and began to pretend that he was being eaten by “alien snakes”:

After Page Museum and the alien snake attack, we headed to the LA Science and Exposition Center where the recently retired Endeavour space shuttle is now located. USC had a football game that evening, so we didn’t want to stay too long, but we did check out about half of the museum, which was very cool (and free) before stopping by the shuttle:

Toren and I in front of Endeavour

After we saw the shuttle, we headed back to the hotel then went out to eat with Debi.

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