I successfully defended my dissertation yesterday! Hooray! A few minor revisions and I can finally turn my attention to getting chapters from it published. With all the preparation the defense required, I basically haven’t been doing much else – including blogging. But life has continued…

I’m grading mid-terms from the three classes I’m teaching this quarter and caught this quote that gave me a good laugh. One of the assignments I give the students in my sociology of religion courses is to write a religious autobiography. In describing his parents’ devotion to Catholicism, this student made a slight error in his phrasing,

“They practiced their faith at home by having a crucifixion in every room…”

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3 Replies to “news and a funny quote”

  1. Congrats! For anyone who wasn’t there, Ryan did a fantastic job. He was polished, confident, and engaging.

    As a former (recovering? ;->) Catholic, that quote cracks me up. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Dave, you’re too kind. I’m hoping to be there for yours!

    Thanks, Mike. I’m looking forward to SSSR/MSSA. I missed hanging out with you last year.

  3. Congratulations! I wish I could have been there! A celebration dinner is on me at SSSR/MSSA. Way to go!

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