I really do try to stay away from politics on my blog, but I’m not always successful.  And considering the election is getting closer and closer every day (about 2 months out now), I figured it was time for a short political blurb.  I caught this interview with Barack Obama on 60 Minutes Sunday and was, well, impressed.  Eight years listening to George “Incoherent” Bush may have lowered my expectations and made me forget what it is like to listen to intelligent people speak, which is probably why this was so refreshing.  Also, since I now know there are at least a few conservatives (mostly family) who read this, I’m hoping you’ll take the 5 minutes or so to watch the video and notice something: The person interviewing Obama and Biden isn’t throwing softballs.  The media often gets criticized for being liberal, but this is no love fest.  Steve Kroft hits them with tough questions and Obama hits back.   Enjoy!

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2 Replies to “just, just watch him for a minute…”

  1. Amy and I have made the same comments about forgetting what it’s like to have an intelligent, eloquent president. A few years ago, we saw Clinton and Carter speak on TV around the same time. We were blown away, and had honestly forgotten how much more intelligent they both sounded than Dubya.

    Can’t wait for Nov 5.

  2. I really hope Obama pulls this out. McCain looks and talks like the walking dead. If the choice was between McCain and Bush, I’d take McCain, grudgingly. But between McCain and Obama, wow, it’s no contest.

    Oh, and if you missed it, you should also really watch this Daily Show episode. He’s shows just how dishonest Republican leaders and pundits are by making Karl Rove eat his own words:
    Starts around 10 minutes in. Hilarious!

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