So, I posted a video recently with Obama and Biden being grilled by a reporter on 60 Minutes.  In the interest of balancing the debate, here are two videos from an interview of Sarah Palin by Charlie Gibson.:

Part 1

Part 2

Watch them and then watch the Obama/Biden video and think about who you want running this country.

FYI, I put up an Obama for President yard sign last night!

Oh, and here’s a bit more partisan video of McCain (nods to Steve and Hellmut for pointing these out to me).

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  1. Mario and I watched some of this interview when it first aired and we loved it! I’m so glad you put the rest up so we could finish it. Charlie Gibson really put Palin on the spot and wow, I don’t think she shone, but maybe that’s just me. I’m amazed people are still rallying behind her after this interview. Thanks for keeping us all informed. I have been discussing this election with people and I’m surprised how many really aren’t properly informed and that makes me really nervous.

  2. I’m glad you’re liking these videos. I really do try to stay away from politics on my blog, but sometimes I can’t help myself.

    The amazing thing is that when you contrast the Palin interview with the Obama/Biden one, Palin isn’t really hammered like Obama/Biden were. Charlie Gibson basically tells her what to say and she still flubs it. Her incompetence is scary, but people don’t seem to see it as a problem.

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