4 Replies to “puzzle piece #30”

  1. I so called it!!!! Congratulations! Congratulations! I knew it in the beginning! Yea!!! I didn’t want to say something again because I didn’t want to ruin a surprise or anything but congrats congrats congrats!!!! You will be such fabulous parents. I so hope I won, I was so first to guess! YEA!!! Congratulations, congratulations, congratulations!!!!

  2. Congrats, Ryan and Debi!

    I’m absolutely thrilled for you. Although I think you should probably consider using the money for the prize for diapers instead, I do have to make the case that Wendy might have guessed it first:

    “So I think the picture is of your closet, with a hanger and some kind of coat or something. I am totally waiting to see if it’s a pregnancy test and you’re announcing something great for all of us! That’s my second guess though it looks nothing like it.” (Wendy’s early post)

    But with the prize or not, I wish you both the best (especially Debi for the next few months!)


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