For those too impatient to put the puzzle together, here’s the puzzle in its entirety:

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8 Replies to “completed puzzle – Debi’s pregnant!”

  1. Congrats Debi and Ryan!!! What exciting news!

    As for the puzzle — we came up with a bunch of creative ideas for telling our friends and family when I was pregnant with Cameron. We sent our grandparents a word scramble and then never heard from them. They hadn’t solved the puzzle EVEN THOUGH I had included an answer sheet!

  2. That’s about what my mom did. She tried to put the first two pieces of the puzzle together, thought it was too hard, then gave up. I had to call her and tell her to look at the puzzle pieces once they were obvious, but she still didn’t get it – claimed she hadn’t seen a pregnancy test in decades and they didn’t look like the one I was posting. Parents…

    I’m hoping to include stories at least half as funny as the ones you post once the little one arrives.

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