While Debi’s family was down here for Thanksgiving, they took to calling the baby “Dariposa” (nod to Shalynn for the name) which is a combination of the two names we have chosen: Darwin for a boy, Mariposa for a girl (though Debi is still insisting that she isn’t sold on the names).  So, until we get confirmation of the baby’s sex (another 6 weeks or so), it’s Dariposa.

Debi has had two ultrasounds at this point.  The first was on October 31st, the second was on November 24th.  I missed the first one by about 10 minutes (it was between my classes and I was hurrying to get there, but they called her in before I could).  The second ultrasound was awesome.  I used to be the first to say that ultrasounds were completely unintelligible – I could never see what people were claiming they could see in them.  Apparently the technology has improved substantially (or now that it’s my child I can see what’s supposed to be there).  It may also have helped that I could see the ultrasound live and Dariposa was jumping like a well-rehearsed ballet soloist (those legs were seriously pumping).  Debi’s often sick to her stomach, which I attribute to Dariposa using it as a trampoline. Anyway, here are the first photos.

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  1. So cute!!! Congratulations, congratulations! Yea for you both, what a fun announcement, thanks for letting us all be a part of it!

  2. Was about to say “pics or it didn’t happen”, but then they appeared. Congrats. I am already mourning the death of your blog circa mid 2009. Best of luck!

  3. Baby is due June 9th, which happens to be the birthday of two of my siblings. Popular day! 🙂

    The blog will absolutely continue with the introduction of a little one to the Cragun family. I’ll have lots more pictures, they’ll just all be pictures of the baby. I’m already considering email addresses for the baby (it will forward to me until the kid is old enough to answer his/her own email). Suggestions?

    Oh, and I’m not one of those parents who will write as though the kid is writing (e.g., “Today my daddy decided I was hogging all the boobies in the house, so he gave me a binky, put me in my crib, and disappeared into his bedroom with mommy.”). Blech!!! (though it’s a good story) I’ll try to imitate my favorite “mommy blog”:

  4. My hell, I miss looking for a week or two and you go and get your wife pregnant. Congrats! That is awesome. I know people tell you that you can give the baby their name, but it my case it is a good idea. Brad is a strong, yet feminine name. You should use it…if you want your child to have a successful life. If not, go with Gary, Don, Steve, Stacie, Erin, Julie, Brian, Jen, Mitchell, Juan, Jesus, Phil, Donna, Mary, Marie, Jarie, Jary, Harry, Harrie, Dave, Rick and on and on. They all suck equally.

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