Debi had her 20 week ultrasound today, which is traditionally the ultrasound when the sex is determined.  The baby didn’t really want to participate when it came to determining the sex.  It waved:


Sat back and relaxed:


And generally tried to make it difficult for us to determine its sex.  The baby had its legs bunched up underneath it, making it impossible to get a clear shot of the genitalia.  The ultrasound technician had to nudge the baby to move its legs… Then:


It’s a boy!

So, this poses a problem… We were actually hoping for a girl, not because we have a preference for a boy or girl but because we had girl names picked out that we agreed on.  We’ve been fighting over boy names ever since we got married.  So, now we need to come up with a boy name we can both agree on.  We have a couple we like, but we figured we could ask for suggestions on here.  Before you suggest any names, keep in mind we have some criteria:

  • it can’t be a name in the top 100 most common boy names right now
  • no “juniors” or immediate family names
  • we are preferential to famous scientists
  • it has to sound good with “Cragun”

We’re thinking once we get a list of names we like, we’ll post the names on here and let people vote and comment.  We may not listen to what you have to say, but it may help us narrow down the names.

On a related note, one of my students in class today mentioned that her grandfather’s name was “Buster Cherry.”  This is in my sociology of human sexuality class, too, which makes it even more hilarious!

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8 Replies to “20 week ultrasound”

  1. Congrats. I think that it is great that you are having a boy. That is really neat. I will try and think of boys names. I have always had a hard time with boy names.

  2. I so guessed it, man I’m good. Congrats you guys, boys are so much fun. I am totally pulling for Frank. Frank Cragun, it has a great ring to it. Just kidding, we were going to name Ethan Luke, we liked that name. We also thought of Eric, and Reagen. Good luck, naming is the hardest part.

  3. Some of the other suggestions people have sent in:

    Carl (Linnaeus) Cragun
    Lamarck Cragun
    Mendel Cragun
    Jean (-Baptist Lamarck) Cragun but people will call him Jean
    Alfred (Russell Wallace) Cragun
    Albert Cragun (Einstein)
    Neils (Bohr) Cragun
    Werner (Heisenberg) Cragun
    Francis (Crick) Cragun – but people may think he’s a girl again
    Linus (Pauling) Cragun
    Einstein Cragun
    Wallace Cragun
    Blaise (aka Pascal – math right?)
    Jonas (Salk)

  4. At the very least give Obama some time to prove himself (or to go down in a meteoric blazing failure…haha) before I have to call my nephew Obamalama mammajamma Cragun…

    I honestly hope he is wildly succesful, but as well all saw during the fumble in the swearing in ceremony, it’s possible he isn’t really even the president… 🙂

    Jess sent you an email with the names we liked, but my favorite two were Konrad and Isaac.

  5. Just wanted to say congrats! My baby name list was too long, so I emailed it to you 🙂 Good luck choosing a name, but have fun too…I actually love that part.

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