Our conversation as Debi got out of the shower this morning:

Debi: When I look down I can’t see my legs.

Ryan: Your legs are gone?  Did someone steal your legs?  Did they go invisible?

Debi: I know they’re there; I’m standing on them.

I had to beg Debi to let me post this.  She agreed on the condition that I note that her response falls into the category: “stupid questions that deserve stupid answers.”  She is, of course, right, but I still thought her answer was hilarious.

For those wondering how she is progressing, let me put it this way: she won’t be getting less sleep when the baby comes.  Her reflux is not being very kind to her.  Also, I would post the weekly pictures I take of her growing belly, but she also won’t allow that (email her and say you want to see them; maybe she’ll relent).

In other news, Debi was accepted into the PhD program in Public Health at USF.  We’re still awaiting details, but she can at least rest easy now knowing what she’ll be doing this fall.

Oh, and we finally decided on a name for the baby…  But, of course, there is a story here.  I had the bright idea of suggesting that we let Google decide.  Here’s what I was thinking: We had narrowed the options down to two: Ronen or Toren.  I figured that we could try to get email addresses at gmail for each of these: ronen@gmail.com and toren@gmail.com.  If one of them was taken, we’d go with the other.  Alas, we were foiled by gmail.  Turns out the address has to have at least 6 characters and neither of the names do.  ronencragun and torencragun as respective email addresses were, of course, not taken, but that didn’t get us any closer to deciding (shakes fist at Google for not making a decision for us!).  Then it dawned on me that I have, in the past, used “rcragun” as my username on some websites.  If we went with Ronen, he might run into the same problem (’cause I’m sure my son will set up accounts on slashdot and NYTimes.com just like his old man).  So, Toren it is.  Oh, and the email address is registered: torencragun -at- gmail.com.  If you email Toren, he may respond…  Try it!

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4 Replies to “belly vs. legs”

  1. How cute is Toren?! I love it! We’re so excited for little Toren and Ethan to cause a ton of trouble. I think they’re going to be buddies. Congratulations Debi on your program! That is beyond exciting! Yeah for you, Chard Camp is excited for all the fun happenings in Cragun Land. And I’m glad email trumped everyone’s suggestions – I wonder how many people have ever let the internet pick their childs name?

  2. Congratulations on the PhD program, Debi! I’ll be heading to Tampa for ACMG later this month – I’d love to see the belly in person if you guys are around 🙂

  3. I love the name Toren. But not that my opinion matters. It was so fun to see Debi this weekend. She looks extra beautiful. Her little belly is great. We miss you guys. I am sad that you are having a baby and live so far away. We will just have to make a trip or two out there.

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