I haven’t posted news articles in a while, but these two struck me as noteworthy.

First, turns out the regulations of European countries during good economic times seem to have sheltered them from the current economic storm.  Huh… I’m sure the greedy capitalist assholes who got us into this mess aren’t very happy about this fact and would probably prefer not to have it known that Europe is actually doing okay right now.  Maybe more socialistic economies do work better than more capitalistic economies…

Second, just because you haven’t heard many major stories about it recently, it doesn’t mean the Catholic sex abuse scandal has gone away.  Largely responsible for the huge decline in Catholic affiliations in New England over the last 20 years, the abuse of parishioners by priests is continuing and the magnitude of the abuse is becoming more apparent.  Just take a look at the information on this site. Be religious.  Nothing wrong with that.  But being religious should never, ever provide cover for sexual abuse.

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