I know I haven’t posted much about the baby recently, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t been documenting the pregnancy. As promised yesterday, Toren, in utero:

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  1. What a neat video! Very cool. I sooo wish that we had done something like that with Lincoln! Hope the next 7 weeks (or whatever it ends up being) go smoothly & that Debi is as comfortable as possible.

  2. That’s awesome Ryan! Cameron’s comments:

    “I’m so glad they didn’t show the mom throwing up!”

    After a few shots of Debi’s belly at the computer: “Did she get stuck behind the computer?”

  3. Well, if Cameron really wants, I could try to get a shot of Debi throwing up! 🙂

    Actually, she has only done that a couple times.

    As for her being stuck behind the computer, well, yes, that’s probably an accurate portrayal – we spend an awful lot of time on our computers. You could call it “being stuck” and I wouldn’t disagree!

  4. THAT WAS TOTALLY AWESOME!!!! I loved every minute of that video. How patient Debi is to let you film it all and how sweet of you to want to!! That was the best part of being pregnant for me– when the baby moved!! I haven’t wanted to be pregnant for a long time– but I think that video would make anyone want to be– It is the best feeling in the world. you will both be terrific parents… I can’t imagine how much attention Toren will get after birth if he gets this much before:-) By the way–LOVE THE NAME!! I love all three of you– only 7 weeks left yippppeeee and hurray!!!!!

  5. I agree with all of the above comments. I wish I would have made Mario take more pictures of my belly. I loved when Ethan moved, it made it all worth it for those few fun moments. Thanks for showing us – you too Debi, it is your belly after all. Good luck with the last 7 weeks, the last stretch is hard but it’s SO close! Yay!

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