Debi’s Mom, Rosemary (a.k.a. Grandmary; her dad, Gary, is “Grandgary” to the grandkids), flew in yesterday.  She’s visiting for about a week (I’ll take some photos while she’s here, but haven’t yet).  I just have to note that her knowledge of babies has already proven invaluable.  While I’ve been posting mostly cute pictures of Toren, the last few days he’s been very fussy – not colicky fussy, but fussy.  We suspected gas (we have a very gassy baby), but we weren’t sure and thought maybe he is just hungry (FYI – he’s now 9lbs 2oz per a pediatrician visit yesterday).  Feeding him seemed to help with the fussing, but he was spending all day at the breast that way.  Within an hour or so of arriving, Rosemary pointed out the difference between his hunger cry (arching his back, clenching his fists, kicking his legs, and tearing at his eyes) and his gas cry (pretty much just lays there and cries) and then proceeded to show us that just comforting when he is gassy will eventually get him to calm down.  We’re still working out the details, but it seems to be working.

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  1. Give that baby some meat like a ribeye steak and it’ll fix it right up.

    Yeah, I should probably remain child-free.

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