So, you may have seen the “in utero” video I made a while back before Toren was born. Well, that wasn’t all the footage we eventually shot. In fact, while I thought that footage was pretty cool at the time, it turns out the best footage came later. I made all of the footage into a lengthy 30 minute video, which I won’t bore you with. But the best shot was one on the 15th of May:

In case you can’t tell what you’re looking at, Toren is head down and facing to the left of your screen (Debi’s right). He is kicking his legs to the left and his bum is pushing toward the right. When he pushes really hard you can see his profile (it would have been his right side). This is probably the best in utero footage I’ve seen of a child.

For any future parents out there trying to get good footage of your unborn child, this angle is, hands down, the best angle if the baby is kicking just right. You really can see the outline of the child.

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