Toren lounging in his bassinet
Toren lounging in his bassinet

When your child’s able to stretch his arms from one side of his bassinet to the other, is it time to switch to a crib?

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5 Replies to “time for a crib?”

  1. I don’t know that you should follow my example – actually, don’t follow my example.  I let Ethan sleep in his bassinet until he was 6 months old.  He loved it but he could climb out by the time I finally made him sleep in his crib.  He was huge but I liked him by our bed and he liked sleeping in there.  So, let Toren sleep in his bassinet as long as you guys want him to.  There’s no rules!

    1. Yeah, we probably don’t want him climbing out of his bassinet!

      We’re going to switch to a crib, but it will probably be another month or so.

  2. Hey Ryan and Debbie,
    This is just a thought and I have not ever tried it but you might want to give it some thought.  Look up Montessori’s view on putting an infant in a crib.  It is pretty interesting.  Maria Montessori believes that putting a child in a crib is hindering their ability to explore and learn.  If you want to look more into it let me know and I can get you some information.  Just a thought like I said I have never tried it and I thought it was very wierd untill I learned more about it.  It makes sense to me.  She says to put that baby on a small matters on the floor in a room that has been designed for the child, so that when the child is old enough to crawl he can explore the environment around him at his own will.  Here is a sample picture of a room.  There are also co-sleepers that can attach to your bed as well if you are not ready for a crib. 

  3. Doesn’t look like it shows the picture so let me know if you want more info.  I can’t waite to see Torin

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